Fertility Awareness

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Holistic Reproductive Health Practitioner
Hormonal Balance and Healthier Yonis

Meet Disa Miner and WAHINI

Holistic Reproductive Health Practitioner
and Wild Woman

Wahini means woman, goddess, priestess, queen and I chose to call my business and my website that, because I'm passionate about letting the feminine power come to fruition within us and beyond us everywhere.

Personally, I have a lot of experience with autoimmunity, food allergy, infertility, hormonal imbalance, intestinal problems/leaky gut, hypothyroidism, parasites, cervical dysplasia and many other things that have guided me towards the alternative/ functional medicine, since allopathic medicine never understood how to help me. This is a great asset in my work and you can trust me when I say "I know how it feels".


Resilient health and hormonal balance are standard for some yet not for all, although it should be, and many women today experience menstrual cramps, fungal infections, cervical dysplasia, endometriosis, infertility, PCOS etc and there are effective ways to heal using lifestyle, nutrition and herbs and steaming.


I have studied health for almost 7 years and realize that there is no end to how much there is to learn about medicine. I am educated at Justisse International, where I received the title "Fertility Awareness Educator" (FAE) and "Holistic Reproductive Health Practitioner" (HRHP). Currently I also train to become Vaginal Steam Facilitator, see more info under yonisteam.


My so-called "tribe" of coworkers believe that menstruation and ovulation are signs of health- "The Fifth Vital Sign". Ovulation and menstruation are natural and important parts of a woman's hormonal cycle.


Fertility Awareness (FA) is your birthright, it is the simple knowledge of how your reproductive organs work and how you can interpret fertile signs as well as discover imbalances and understand your overall health. FA gives you access to knowledge that allows you to make informed choices in your reproductive life.


 Your body. Your choice.


How do we work with health and hormonal imbalances?


How we live our daily lives affects health. Some lifestyle changes may be part of a successful treatment

Fertility Awareness

Knowledge of how your reproductive organs, your hormones and menstrual cycle work, creates a foundation for understanding health imbalances and providing a daily tool of Natural Birth Control.


How, what and where do we eat? Is the food on your plate packed with vitamins and minerals or is it fast food without nutrients? Are you taking time to eat? Eating can be a ritual and food you main medicine.

Herbal Medicine

The herbs have long been my friends and allies. They provide healing and care in a subtle, multifaceted and effective manner. We use tinctures, teas, steam baths and infusions. Our beloved plants grow everywhere and often you can find them in your own back yard.

Self Care

How do we take care of our body? The precious consort. Our companion. Self care is often the first thing we neglect when in stress ot lack of time. Yet this is crucial for our wellbeing.


If there is anything that contribute to hormonal imbalance and disease-it is stress. But stress is not always that easy to reduce. On my courses and through my coaching, you get guidance on how to handle and reduce stress in daily practices and breathing exercises.


Women´s Voices

"After trying several different types of contraception and over and over again feeling that it did not work for me,

I came into contact with Disa and a whole new world opened! The Justisse method has given me an understanding of how my body works and why it reacts the way it does, why my menstrual cycles sometimes look different and, above all, I understand how precious my fertility is. Before, I had no idea that I, as an average girl, can figure out exactly when the next menstruation starts or when I ovulate- without having to rely on some app or some pills. Feeling confident in how to avoid unwanted pregnancies was not anything I ever thought I could become, but after learning the Justisse method, it feels obvious and there is a great satisfaction in having this insight into my fertility."

- Mina 24 years

"Learning the Justisse method is an incredibly important and deepening journey, in so many different ways. It's not "just" the ability to have a safe and natural type of birth control that has given me a better sex life, or to understand why I feel like I'm dependent on where in my cycle, the Justisse method is also a political stance, women's rights and feminism for me: to take back power over my own body and sexuality. I am extremely grateful for the professional, warm, humorous and passionate guidance Disa has given me. "

-Andrea 30 years

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